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PowBall Renaissance

Developer: SARI Studios
2.4 usd

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with this classic Breakout remake, brought beautifully into the modern world of gaming, retaining the retro charm of the original but with many added features.If you prefer graphics over gameplay, then this game isn't for you. Development has been focused heavily on delivering an enjoyable silky-smooth gameplay experience, whilst still maintaining an enjoyable visual experience. It has to be played to be believed.
Ideal for TV and tablets.
- Multiple control methods: mouse, keyboard, game controllers, touch screen, and tilt.- Level editor.- Local multiplayer. Up to 3 players simultaneously using any available control method.- Weapons & ammunition. Each weapon has unique destructive qualities and are equally satisfying to use.- Physics: Solid ball physics makes it satisfyingly fun to play, rather than frustrating. Miss the ball by a couple of pixels? No worries, the ball gets chipped back into play, spinning off at a sharp angle. Enemy getting in your way? Swat it away with your paddle, or repeatedly ram it into a wall, shattering it into a shower of shrapnel and gems.- Shop: collect resources to trade for ammo, being aware of changing prices depending on supply-and-demand. Adds a strategic trading element to the game, making difficult to stockpile ammo and blitz every level with weapons.- Many mysterious features such as: portals; which add a unique puzzle element, helper bot; giving some much needed company in the void.- 240+ levels.- Regular updates. More levels and features coming soon.